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Mileage Programmer

What is Mileage Programmer?
Mileage programmer also called odometer corrector, is used to change the mileage value on your vehicle dashboard.

How to Use Mileage Programmer?
Plug the mileage programmer connector to a vehicle obd2 socket, and enter the menu to select vehicle model to select your vehicle model and year, then input the value you want to display on the dashboard, then just wait for the progress to be completed.
Note: For some vehicles, the dashboard mileage value can not be changed by OBD2, it needs to remove the chip on the dashboard to be read and written by a programmer.

OBD2gate.com Sell Various Mileage Programmers:
Here OBD2gate.com provide popular universal mileage programmer, including Digimaster 3, OBDSTAR X300M, OBDSTAR ODOmaster...and many special model mileage programmer.

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OBDSTAR Odo Master Full Version for Cluster Calibration and Oil Service Reset
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OBDSTAR X300M Odometer Correction Tool and OBD2 Support Benz & MQB VAG KM
Yanhua Digimaster III Unlimited Token Verison Digimaster 3 for BMW CAS1/CAS2/CA3/CAS4+ Mileage/Key Programming