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Technical Support

Autel IM608 II to Diagnose Toyota FJ Instruction

Learn how to diagnose Toyota FJ vehicles effortlessly using the Autel MaxiIM IM608 key programmer. Follow step-by-step procedures for efficient vehicle scanning, fault identification, and clearing with clear instructions and automatic VIN recognition.

Autel IM608 II Program Key for BMW CAS4 CAS4+ via OBD

Unlock BMW CAS4 and CAS4+ key programming ease with Autel MaxiIM IM608. No ECU box opening needed. Follow simple steps via OBD and maintain network connection throughout.

XP005l Common Error Codes & Solutions

Resolve common error codes on Xhorse Dolphin 2 XP005L key cutting machine with step-by-step solutions. Update firmware, adjust settings, and perform calibration to fix issues.

XP005l Not Cut Key Deep Enough Solution

Learn how to calibrate your Xhorse Dolphin 2 XP-005L key cutter for precise key cutting operations. Follow step-by-step instructions to avoid issues like keys not fitting properly.

FC200 and MPC5xx Adapter Read/ Write BMW EDC16 on Bench Guide

Discover how to effectively use CGDI FC200 ECU programmer and MPC5xx Adapter for bench reading and writing BMW EDC16CP35. Follow step-by-step instructions for successful results.

Dolphin XP005L Key Decoding with Snapped Probes Solution

Learn how to maintain and replace probes for your Xhorse XP005L key cutting machine. Our engineer provides solutions to prevent probe breakage through effective key cleaning techniques. Don't miss the promotion on Xhorse XP005L – available in the US!

KT200 Read and Write Fiat IAW 59F Successful

Learn how the KT200 ECU programmer excels in reading and writing Fiat Marelli 59F ECUs, with step-by-step procedures for different hardware versions. Troubleshoot common issues and explore the extensive compatibility of KT200 with various automotive ECUs.

Solved! XP005L and M5 Clamp Cut Key Issue

Discover efficient key cutting tips for Xhorse Dolphin XP005L using the M5 clamp. Learn how to achieve precise alignment for successful key duplication. Get expert advice now.

CGDI MB Key Programmer for VITO 639 Key Issues

Solve VITO 639 key loss issues with CGDI MB programmer. Read about diagnostics, key position activation, and successful customer feedback.

Xhorse FT Mini OBD Tool for Toyota is Available Now!

Introducing the Xhorse XDMOTOGL FT-OBD Toyota Mini OBD Tool for key and remote programming, diagnostics, and more. Compatible with 95% of Toyota models up to 2023.

Xhorse Condor Cut VA2 Keys Issue

Learn how Xhorse Condor Mini Plus 2 solves the problem of cutting VA2 (Peugeot + Renault) keys. Get solutions like duplicating old blades or using track width measurement. Consider a manual cutting machine. Read more on our Xhorse blog.

CGDI Prog MB Benz Keys Program Test Results

Discover the efficiency of CGDI Prog MB, a top-notch Mercedes-Benz key programming tool. Read test reports on various Benz models, including W207, C260 W204, Sprinter, Old Benz W210, C-class W204, AMG G63, GL450, and W212. If you have more experience, share it with us.

How to Read DME ISN Data with CGDI BMW 

Learn how to read BMW auto DMW ISN data with the CGDI BMW programmer. This detailed guide provides step-by-step instructions for reading ISN data from 2016 BMW Mini, E Series R60, CAS3+ N16, and other compatible models.
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