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VVDI2 BMW FEM & BDC Functions Authorization Service Without Ikeycutter Condor

VVDI2 BMW FEM & BDC Functions Authorization Service Without Ikeycutter Condor

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  • support make new key with ignition switch(support add spare key and all key lost, all key lost require ISN)
  • support reset FEM/BDC KM(cluster require reset manually)
  • support erase key(after erase the key position become blank position)
  • support backup coding
  • support restore coding

Product Description

If your VVDI2 have BMW OBD Function, then you can open this function
BMW FEM/BDC Authorization for VVDI2  

This authorization for VVDI2 not bind to Condor XC MINI

The VVDI2 - BMW FEM / BDC system is now available with its functions fully released, although a user manual is currently unavailable. Users can follow the steps below to make keys:
  • Obtain key information.
  • Program the FEM / BDC system.
  • Generate keys.
Key Features:
  1. Enables the creation of new keys using the ignition switch, supporting the addition of spare keys and all key lost situations (all key lost situations require ISN).
  2. Supports resetting FEM / BDC KM (cluster reset requires manual intervention).
  3. Allows for key erasure, resulting in a blank key position.
  4. Facilitates coding backup.
  5. Facilitates coding restoration.

Important Notes:
  1. Backup coding and restore coding can usually be performed directly.
  2. Adding keys, resetting KM, and erasing keys require initial programming of the FEM / BDC system.
  3. In the FEM / BDC interface, if the key type is not supported, the software will prompt users to utilize the "BMW E-sys software" for FEM / BDC system programming and subsequently program the FEM / BDC system with VVDI2-BMW.
  4. During operations on the "programming FEM / BDC system" interface, please refrain from closing the software window until all procedures are completed.
  5. Programming the FEM / BDC system requires soldering and obtaining the EEPROM (FEM 95128 chip, BDC 95256 chip). Typically, there are two identical chips on the module, and users should refer to the software diagram to select the correct one.
  6. When programming the FEM / BDC system, it is essential to restore the original EEPROM and perform coding restoration. If coding restoration is unsuccessful or if issues arise after reassembling the FEM / BDC module in the vehicle (e.g., remote control fails to start the car or window problems occur), please utilize the "BMW E-sys software" for coding the FEM / BDC system.
  7. If the relay keeps ringing after connecting power to the FEM / BDC module, please seek technical support for assistance. Generally, operations on the FEM / BDC should proceed smoothly, requiring only programming.

BMW FEM/BDC Authorization for VVDI2  1

BMW FEM/BDC Authorization for VVDI2  2


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